Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT) – A vulnerability is a security weakness or flaw of a component in the technology stack of an organization. Vulnerabilities may exist on network devices, servers, PCs, mobile devices, applications, or any other elements connected to the network. Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, classifying, and mitigating vulnerabilities. 

Today, vulnerability assessment is a critical aspect of every enterprise’s security program. Just a single vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker and enable an entry point to the network, and most large enterprises have hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities on their network. 


Become a Trusted Advisor using VAPT

By including an Exelegent VAPT assessment, your customers will gain value by identifying and prioritizing security improvements . They will realize threats and prevent target attacks across their network.

Security For Print Services. But Why?

Security Assessments prior and after installation add value. Protection and prevention are key. Threats that lay dormant on the network can and will increase downtime, latency,  effect performance and hinder operational efficiencies leaving strain on resources all the while increasing costs and burden on systems and admins.

3 Types of Testing

External Vulnerability Assessment

Testing done outside the network security perimeter. This test reveals  vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a potential hacker.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment 

Testing done inside the internal network to assume the identity of a trusted insider or attacker who has penetrated the perimeter defenses.

Network Offline Device Audit

Exelegent performs configuration auditing against industry suggested device configuration files rather than systems themselves. We compare vendor security baseline to your current configuration to improve performance.


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Exelegent’s Password Policy

Passwords are used for various purposes. Some of the more common uses include: user level accounts, web accounts, email accounts, screen saver protection, voicemail password, and local router logins.