Compliance Management


Our goal is to simplify compliance

The Compliance Management Program is an intense process that ties in aspects of an OCR audit and all recurring action items required by HIPAA and HITECH, complementing your current compliance program. It is meant to take the place of a full-time compliance and security expert for a fraction of the price. We’re able to achieve these efficiencies in cost and process by using automation and other resources, including a highly-trained compliance and security team.

Running Exelegent’s Compliance Management Program will help your healthcare organization assess, achieve, and maintain compliance year after year.

Exelegent’s simple yet incredibly detailed approach to healthcare compliance management will allow your organization to meet and exceed all organizational compliance and security goals while keeping your budget in check. Our advanced KPIs and reporting give you action items and reports that you can use to drive the security and compliance strategy in your organization.

Trust is our top priority, so we hope you’ll see why we have achieved a 100% customer retention rate over the years and are trusted with petabytes of sensitive customer data. Referrals are available immediately upon request.




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