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What is an IT Helpdesk?

Have you ever had problems with your computer, printer, or server? Certainly, you have – and when you do, the next few hours are probably filled with Google searches and mounting frustration. Want to avoid that situation? That’s where our IT Helpdesk services step in.

As one of the top locally-managed IT service companies in Freehold, we have IT professionals dedicated to your account. Whether the problem is as simple as Microsoft Word not opening, or if it is a more complicated issue with your server, our IT specialists can log in and fix the problem, in near-real-time, remotely.

Exelegent provides the most effective NOC (Network Operations Center) and help desk offerings available. While we offer each service individually, we believe customers get the most value when they deploy them jointly. 

Our model closely integrates these services, providing our help desk and NOC team full visibility of the customer’s environment. Customers benefit from this approach because the help desk team is always aware of infrastructure incidents that affect users and the NOC team can be even more proactive in recognizing issues coming from users to more quickly remediate any problems. 

A unified service that covers everything from servers, networks, desktops and users is the key to faster problem resolution and increased customer productivity and satisfaction.

Our Help Desk and 24/7 NOC include:

EXPERT STAFF Exelegent handles calls from thousands of enterprise and SMB customers daily. We have developed an extensive knowledge base that allows us to quickly identify and deliver fixes for a wide variety of issues. Our staff receives ongoing training and is active in pursuing continued professional development to stay abreast of the latest technical issues and resolution strategies

NOC REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT Triaging the constant flow of alerts from servers and networks, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be all consuming for an IT business. Exelegent wants to be your partner and support your business by taking care of the mundane tasks while your key staff focuses on high margin projects and closing more business.  Our expert NOC team is trained, certified and equipped to solve the most demanding technical issues 24/7.  

NOC Monitoring, Alerting, and Management Designed for customers who prefer a hands-on approach to resolving server and network problems yet want to use our remote NOC to validate and triage alerts with appropriate escalation to your team. Also includes preventative maintenance to ensure your customers’ infrastructure is expertly maintained. NOC Management includes full troubleshooting and remediation of server and network device issues. This includes root cause analysis to ensure that Exelegent doesn’t just treat the symptom, but identifies and fixes the underlying cause of the problem so that the issue is resolved permanently.

DESKTOP PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Includes delivery of Microsoft critical and security patches for the O/S, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office plus configuration and monitoring of anti-virus software.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Columbus Hospital in Newark, NJ never had a help desk, just a local IT department. Exelegent’s help desk and 24/7 NOC was able to augment and support their environment to increase their efficiency, while increasing profitability. 

· Level 1, 2, and 3 help desk with extended support hours meant someone was always working on open tickets. If there was an issue overnight, Columbus’s IT team was ready to work on it first thing the next morning.

· A ticketing system helped track KPI’s, translating data into actionable information to transform and stabilize Columbus’s infrastructure.

· Escalated problems would be solved by experts in the particular problem area, ensuring that it was done right the first time.


“Exelegent’s team has played a critical role in helping Columbus Hospital. They brought transparency into our expenses and helped to reduce costs by over 20%.” – Alexey Gololobov, CFO

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