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Services and consulting tailored to your specific business needs for healthcare, banking, and finance verticals.


Exelegent is able to provide IT services and consulting to professionals working in the healthcare and banking industries. By combining our years of experience in the industry with our amazing business connections to both manufacturers and distributors of hardware and software, Exelegent is able to offer cost-effective services by driving down unit costs and creating more revenue through increased operational efficiency.


Any company can benefit from using managed services to help shift its focus away from the systems and operations of the business and back to the needs of its clients. A recent study by CompTIA, focusing on 400 businesses currently using managed services, revealed the following:
• 92% said technology was strategically important to their company today, and 88% predicted it would continue to be very important in another two years.
• 56% said using an MSP reduced their costs/overhead.
• 52% said they experienced improvements to staff productivity.
• 42% said using an MSP improved their decision-making capabilities and timeframe.
• 34% reported improved operational efficiency.
• 82% reported overall satisfaction with their managed service provider.
• Over 90% of businesses across all company types and sizes predicted that MSPs would either reduce their overall costs or provide them with benefits in other areas.

As IT is a major component of both healthcare and banking practices, our expertise could be the vital solution you need to improve your business. At Exelegent, we can handle your IT needs, while still providing cost-effective rates, because we are specialists in the field and because we have economies of sale.


Exelegent is an end-to-end business solutions company, meaning we believe in optimizing efficiency and performance through partnering with clients and managing their IT needs from start to finish. We’re capable of outsourcing entire IT networks, but you may only need us to fill a small role in your overall IT management. Either way, we’re here to help.

We understand how to use technology to enable business growth and want to move IT away from your list of cost-concerns and onto your list of greatest assets. Exelegent has built incredible relationships through years of experience with the industry’s top vendors, enabling us to offer our clients the best pricing possible on a variety of services and products, hardware and software.

While our competitors may want to push a single set of products onto every business they work with, Exelegent tailors its solution plans to fit you. We work with clients as partners to understand their needs, make recommendations, and listen to feedback. We then go into the marketplace to gather the correct products, negotiate the right pricing, and deliver the best products and services from the industry’s leading companies (i.e. HP, Dell, Verizon, Cisco, etc.), all of which we are able to support with our amazing management services, like guaranteed 24/7 monitoring and knowledgeable help desk team.

We want your business to thrive and part of that is creating greater efficiency. At Exelegent, we find the right products at the best prices and help you implement the best solutions, supporting your company along the way. Simply put, we can handle all your IT needs and allow you to focus on your business.


It all starts with a comprehensive audit, which we provide cost free. As experts in the field of security, our IT audit allows us to fully understand your business environment, respond to weaknesses, and create customized solutions that will make your business more efficient, more secure, and more profitable. With a recent study reporting that US companies spend $8.9 billion annually in remediation to cybercrime, and $250 billion annually in damages related to IP theft, our partners feel reassured knowing we are proactively securing and protecting their networks from online threat, saving them time and money.
At Exelegent, we provide compliant, secure, and efficient systems that allow you to dominate YOUR business and focus on strategies and execution.

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