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Information Technology (IT) entails the computing and communications advancements used for data management, particularly affecting the way we collect, process, save, and share all sorts of information.
Today, IT services encompass a wide range of fields, including web technology, global information systems, bioinformatics, and cloud computing. IT services span the areas of computer software, hardware, and programming, as well as information and data management.


An MSP, or Managed Services Provider, assumes ongoing responsibility for the 24-hour monitoring, managing, and/or problem solving of the IT systems within a company. They discover and fix problems before technical issues have a chance to negatively impact your business.


By using an MSP, companies are able to focus on maintaining and growing their businesses, ultimately providing better services to their clients while increasing revenue. Utilizing an MSP is becoming more and more appealing to companies of all sizes. A recent survey conducted by MSPmentor stated that 84% of companies in the U.S. were either currently using an MSP (45%) or were highly considering using one (39%). Many large companies, such as Global Health Products, Meridian Community Care, J. Smith Lanier, Pay Human Group, GNC, and Advance Auto Parts, are benefiting from the support of managed IT services.
MSPs allow businesses to be proactive in their approach to problem solving. With an MSP, hardware and software systems are monitored 24/7, allowing for issues to be contained and resolved quickly. Necessary back-ups are put in place to facilitate the prompt handling of a variety of potential issues, including patches, security concerns, advertising outages, data breaches, and server crashes, all of which lead to a loss of revenue and negative client relationships.
All industries today are under great pressure to reduce costs and boost performance with limited resources. With an MSP, IT staffing can be increased or decreased as a company’s needs change, allowing in-house IT staff to be kept to a minimum, if at all. All IT services are managed by one MSP, as opposed to separate suppliers who are responsible for different parts of the system. An MSP is simply a more efficient way of dealing with a company’s IT needs.
As a result of 24-hour monitoring, businesses experience an additional level of comfort and security with the added benefits of:
• Increased operational efficiency
• Reduced operating costs
• Cost-effective access to technical support
• Minimized downtime
• Greater focus on running the business
• More resources dedicated to designing and implementing strategies
At Exelegent, we pride ourselves on increasing our partners’ productivity and sense of security while maintaining competitive rates. We are U.S. based, and our management team has decades of Executive Wall Street experience and a wealth of knowledge to share as leading experts in the field. Combined with very bright and talented young minds, and a powerful offshore team, we are able to provide highly knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions that will enable your business to reach its optimum potential.

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